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Thank you for your interest in being a sponsor for our Designated Driver Alternative Program!

What you get...

  • Your company logo on our DDA web page with a live link to your site, letting all our users know that you are a DDA Sponsor Location.alt
  • Each of your locations listed on our Reservation Request Submittal Form, so your staff and customers can easily select your location as the pick up location using either a computer or their mobile phone.
  • Each of your locations listed on our automated phone attendant system, where your customers can push a couple of keys on their phone letting the attendant know that they are at a sponsor location, and then selecting your location from the menu, connecting them automatically to an available driver in the area! Your customers can also text us and state that they are at your sponsoring location, and a team will be dispatched to pick them up.
  • Creative, attention getting signs for your restrooms, table tops or other areas letting folks know that you are a DDA Sponsor Location, which means that they pay no pick up fee and just $2 per mile to get their car and passengers home safely.
  • Your business will be listed on the back of all DDA Business Cards as a Sponsor Location, which will be handed out to thousands of people all over Metro Atlanta by our drivers and promoters. We will also make a supply available for you to hand out to your customers.
  • Our online reservation system allows you (or the customer) to quickly put in a ride request for a customer without having to keep dialing a busy number or make a call from a noisy location. Just type in their name, cell phone #, select your location from the Sponsor Bar menu, and then either select ASAP or a pick up time, then hit submit. Takes about 15 seconds and your request can quickly and easily be dispatched to a driver team!
  • Access to our Risk Reduction Incident Report, which can be filled out online by you or called in to our dispatcher if you ever encounter a "difficult" customer who refuses our service and insists on driving impaired. If the customer should get in an accident on the way home and try to sue you, the incident report is admissible in court and will help you build a strong case that you did everything possible to stop them from driving. We'll keep a date and time stamped copy of the report in case it is ever needed, as well as the driver team info that responded to the call.
  • AFF hosts monthly social events and once we have a nice variety of sponsor locations, we will host events only at DDA Sponsor Locations! More business for you and inexpensive safe rides home for our party goers.
  • New customers, more repeat customers, increased alcohol sales, reduced liability and insurance premiums, enhanced reputation as a responsible seller of spirits, and peace of mind knowing you are giving your customers a great option for a safe ride home and return visit.

What your customers get...

  • Prompt, courteous and professional service. At peak call times like holidays and bar closing times, sponsor locations always receive priority over non-sponsor locations.
  • A place that they can visit frequently and never have to worry about driving impaired to get themselves and their car home.
  • A much more affordable and desirable option than taxis and other driver for hire services.
  • A pleasant experience and ride home for them and their car from the DDA friendly and professional staff.
  • No DUI's or problems with the local law enforcement agencies, and peace of mind in knowing that they are being responsible.
  • The ability to make ride request reservations by simply selecting your Sponsor Bar Location from a drop down menu on our website, or by texting us with their name, location and pick up time requested at 404-713-1780!

The Details..

  • The cost of a  Gold Sponsorship is very affordable per location for an unlimited number of no pick up fee rides per year! Your staff and customers pay just $2 per mile to get them and their car home all year, which is less than the cost of a taxi!  

  • The cost of a  Platinum Sponsorship is very affordable per location for unlimited no pick up fee rides per year with each ride including up to 10 miles at no charge. Additional miles are just $3 per mile. Your staff and customers receive free rides home up to 10 miles, then just $3 per mile!

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